Call for Proposals

peripheries in parallax


We invite artists and researchers to propose a conference presentation for the 1-day online conference on 9th of April 2021. Alternatively, you can propose a thematic essay to be published on the conference website. The conference is the main artistic research event focusing on peripheries, with the sub-themes: Material Peripheries, Politics of Peripheries, and Peripheral Ecologies.

The notion of peripheries can root to a number of discourses dealing with operations of arts, language, psyche, architecture, institution, politics, biology, economics, sustainability and other areas of human and nonhuman activity. We welcome you to join us in considering the conceptual, practical, methodological or epistemological questions and stakes of peripheral or marginal phenomena and/or perspective. What kinds of aesthetic, artistic, social, political, ethical or legal implications may a ‘peripheral approach’ bring fore?


Material peripheries event brings forward the tangible and material related to peripheries: bodies, formations, architectures, circuits, infrastructures and matters – and how they come to take place through experience. 
Politics of peripheries calls for peripherally oriented takes on post-truth, post-sense, surveillance, racism, control, inequality, neo-liberalism and other isms, and on the institutional in knowledge creation of today.
Peripheral ecologies event invites artists and scholars to rethink in all actual and imaginable scales the reaffirmation and creation of ‘brave new world’, and the aesthetics of sharing in global currents and streams of coexistence of human and nonhuman, and of shared resources.

The deadline for proposals has been extended until 18.3.2021

Please send your proposals by 18.3.2021 (see ‘Submissions’)


Please pick one of two possible formats:
I) online conference presentation (20 min)
II) thematic essay to be published on conference website (up to 3000 words)

Submit your proposal for a 20-minute online conference presentation (abstract with up to 300 words, prerecorded presentations are also welcome), or a thematic essay to be published at the conference website (up to 3000 words, with possible images or video/audio files attached) by 18h of March 2021. All proposals will be peer reviewed and the letters of acceptance are sent by 26th of March 2021.

The maximum file size for text documents is 3MB, for images and audio files 10MB and 350MB for videos. The submission system supports the following formats: doc, docx, PDF, jpeg, mp3, mp4, mov.

Please indicate clearly the format (I or II) of your proposal, and the sub-theme it is addressing.

For further information, please contact

Link to submissions and further instructions on submitting here